ATX.Chat is a quick and easy way to connect with Austinites via Slack. The goal is to create a self-moderating community that expands upon the Facebook groups interface. 

We like to Keep Austin Weird. We won't block any freedom of speech, but spamming, overt profanity, and pornography are not allowed and will result in a call out and ban.

If you have a group you'd like to create a channel for or to help moderate, shoot us an email at so we can give you moderator privileges and create your channel.

Channels: startups, tech, jobs, sxsw2017, resources, photography, music, introductions, help, gaming, food, events, buy/sell/trade and more!

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Slack is super simple. To add the channels you're interested in, click the channels icon and select which ones you want to join from the popup list!  

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Check your email for your invite link from Slack for access 

Once you login, introduce yourself, what you do and if you have a startup in #introductions!

It's your one chance to self-promote and get the word out. Please # your industry or niche as well so it makes it easy to search for everyone else

See you there!